Saturday, November 26, 2011

jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, everybody... needs one

I just conducted a search for any job listings specific for early childhood educators... womp womp. So exhausting and discouraging. I have a specific desire to work with pre-k to k children who are at risk... there is a wonderful school in Norfolk that is just for these students. Dream job! I am looking for next semester and I think I will just start applying to my beloved Starbucks...

I have been thinking alot about a discipleship program for the fall. It is with the same people I did the summer program with. I would love to live in Tennessee next fall. It is amazing how God takes your memory off something and then reminds you through others. I had forgotten all about it and I recently saw a friend who asked me if I was still thinking about it. I have not stopped thinking about it since then. Praying for this option of very intentional discipleship with people I already love and respect immensely. It would put the whole career thing on hold another year... we shall see.

2 weeks until Andrephanie wedding! I cannot contain myself.

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