Saturday, December 3, 2011

A post for Marge and Kell, because I really only keep up with this to give you an update on my life

I have been thinking that when I have a family of my own we are going to decorate for Christmas the night of Thanksgiving, because that is how I view Thanksgiving anyway- a gateway to Christmas. I also will recommend to my husband an idea I saw a man doing today: jam out to Christmas music while stringing the lights on the house. It was awesome and I enjoyed hearing Elvis sing "I'll have a blue Christmas with out you..." as I walked by with Wilson.

Wilson is the Wilsons new Dachshund... I love him. I have a history of hating animals, but I have really liked him so far. I came home from school Thursday and was told we were getting a dog. We went to the SPCA- adoptions were free for that day, because of a large donation.

I am attempting to be focused on the reason for the season (so cheesy, but true). I have begun a weekly advent guide ( ) and I am reading a chapter in Luke each day, since it has 27ish books. Maybe its the weather and the fact that this past week was so busy, but I have not been terribly anxious for Christmas to arrive yet. I also haven't cared to listen to Christmas music nor watch any movies.... Maybe by the end of next week.

I have been jaded by the fact that two of my close friends will be married in one week! I have been so excited, so I am sure that is why I have not gotten into the spirit.

I have decided that I really love my second graders.... but I am excited to have a break for a bit... but I will be sad on my last day... it is so bittersweet.

ps. i unintentionally did no shave november on my legs..................... it is time to shave.

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  1. 1. you're like a dream come true
    2. i LOVE keeping up with your life/blog!
    3. still in awe about the dog...worried your love for it won't last though. #justbeinghonest
    4. I have been listening to christmas music non stop!!! Michael Buble + Sufjan on repeat
    5. Make you fall in love with me