Monday, April 25, 2011


I went home this past weekend, very hesitant to do so. My motivations were to see and hold my one month old niece, Ellie Kaye and to have my car fixed. Nothing else. I really wanted to be at JMU as one of the final weekends and to spend Easter here, since I love Eastside and have no home church. On my drive home I was stressed about work that needed to get done and friends + family I needed to see. I was not excited.

God is so good!

He provided for me in multiple ways this weekend. I had all day Friday to do work free from distractions since I had the whole house to myself. I only saw family, which I really needed. Cath and I spent alot of quality time together, at the expense of my sister working- the only downfall is I did not see her, but Praise the Lord she is working! Ellie Kaye is a beautiful gem. I even managed to get a haircut. My car did not get fixed on account of a family emergency, but it has not broken yet so somebody is watching out for me.

Catherine M. Wilson is so wonderful and I love her to pieces. It was so good to reconnect and to really catch up. Mama and I had some good times. One fun story- I locked my keys in the car after sunrise service, so three firemen in an abnormally large fire truck unlocked the door for us. Happy Easter mother!

Here is to 12 days 'til graduation & 8 pages, 2 sources, and 3 days 'til my final project is due. MUST THROW DOWN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25 days...

I was asked today if I am sad that I am graduating. I could not give a yes or no answer. It has all gone by in a blur and the past few weeks have especially. Spring break was so epic, but I have been bogged down by assignments and other adventures that I have almost forgotten about it... HOW COULD I!?

Anyway, I am currently bogged down by a large final project for my capstone class in IDLS and I have yet to start even though it is due in two weeks. It goes back to the idea that the past few weeks/months have been a blur and the due date has snuck up on me. The weather makes me think it is still February. Sarah, wake up! It is April and you graduate in 3ish weeks!

I need to continue praying that I will trust the Lord with these last few weeks. That I will accomplish all the 'lasts' He has for me. Maybe I have been which is why it has all gone by in such a blur? I do normally harbor on things in the past, maybe I have finally learned the art of living in the present, for taking only 'my daily bread' and that is why I have not craved SB2k11 to be back. Hmm...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The First.

I have been wanting to create one of these for a little while now. I planned on waiting until August when I would be home, settled, and depressed about being so far from the people I have shared my everyday life with for the past four years. I decided that it would be great to be able to reflect on this final month then so I had better start now. Here I am, as I joyfully listen to Mumford & Sons Pandora Radio station.

Last night I gave my senior reflection at leadership, which is a weekly meeting with the Young Life ministry I am involved in here in Harrisonburg. SO ENCOURAGING! I have struggled with how large the community of YL leaders is here, but last night affirmed how much I appreciate the people I have had the pleasure of leading alongside these years. I will share what I shared here, mostly for myself to reflect on, but I hope you will gain some wisdom from it.

  • Luke 11:1-4 & Matthew 6:9-13- blueprint for prayer
  • don't be afraid to fall in love with the Lord
    • read Psalms, spend time in His word to the point where you yearn to be with Him
    • pray through the song when singing and DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANYONE AROUND YOU
    • don't give in to insecurities ("comparison is the thief of all joy")
    • don't quit- kids need you, learn so much about the Lord in the process
    • find PEACE in Christ (John 16:33)
    • Nehemiah 8:10, "joy is not bound by your circumstances"-Oswald Chambers
    • find your niche and run with it!
  • TEAM means work in giftzone
    • hang out and love each other, you are family!
  • trust God and cling to truth
    • Proverbs 3:5-6
    • Jeremiah 17:7-8
    • United Pursuit Band "Nothing I Hold Onto"
  • "Be the first to hit the dance floor."-Dove chocolate wrapper
    • don't be afraid to dance whenever and wherever
At the end we always encourage. I am honest and truthful. The funniest person Jenna has ever met. I am myself as a leader. I am loyal. I am a workhorse who has joyfully worked behind the scenes. Funny stories were shared and a few tears were shed. There was one instance of incredible thanksgiving. Some I knew, some felt good to be recognized for, and some were surprising and such sweet revelations. Thank you, I felt so loved and appreciated.

Reap some goods out of that. I will be back.