Monday, April 25, 2011


I went home this past weekend, very hesitant to do so. My motivations were to see and hold my one month old niece, Ellie Kaye and to have my car fixed. Nothing else. I really wanted to be at JMU as one of the final weekends and to spend Easter here, since I love Eastside and have no home church. On my drive home I was stressed about work that needed to get done and friends + family I needed to see. I was not excited.

God is so good!

He provided for me in multiple ways this weekend. I had all day Friday to do work free from distractions since I had the whole house to myself. I only saw family, which I really needed. Cath and I spent alot of quality time together, at the expense of my sister working- the only downfall is I did not see her, but Praise the Lord she is working! Ellie Kaye is a beautiful gem. I even managed to get a haircut. My car did not get fixed on account of a family emergency, but it has not broken yet so somebody is watching out for me.

Catherine M. Wilson is so wonderful and I love her to pieces. It was so good to reconnect and to really catch up. Mama and I had some good times. One fun story- I locked my keys in the car after sunrise service, so three firemen in an abnormally large fire truck unlocked the door for us. Happy Easter mother!

Here is to 12 days 'til graduation & 8 pages, 2 sources, and 3 days 'til my final project is due. MUST THROW DOWN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

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