Saturday, April 9, 2011

The First.

I have been wanting to create one of these for a little while now. I planned on waiting until August when I would be home, settled, and depressed about being so far from the people I have shared my everyday life with for the past four years. I decided that it would be great to be able to reflect on this final month then so I had better start now. Here I am, as I joyfully listen to Mumford & Sons Pandora Radio station.

Last night I gave my senior reflection at leadership, which is a weekly meeting with the Young Life ministry I am involved in here in Harrisonburg. SO ENCOURAGING! I have struggled with how large the community of YL leaders is here, but last night affirmed how much I appreciate the people I have had the pleasure of leading alongside these years. I will share what I shared here, mostly for myself to reflect on, but I hope you will gain some wisdom from it.

  • Luke 11:1-4 & Matthew 6:9-13- blueprint for prayer
  • don't be afraid to fall in love with the Lord
    • read Psalms, spend time in His word to the point where you yearn to be with Him
    • pray through the song when singing and DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANYONE AROUND YOU
    • don't give in to insecurities ("comparison is the thief of all joy")
    • don't quit- kids need you, learn so much about the Lord in the process
    • find PEACE in Christ (John 16:33)
    • Nehemiah 8:10, "joy is not bound by your circumstances"-Oswald Chambers
    • find your niche and run with it!
  • TEAM means work in giftzone
    • hang out and love each other, you are family!
  • trust God and cling to truth
    • Proverbs 3:5-6
    • Jeremiah 17:7-8
    • United Pursuit Band "Nothing I Hold Onto"
  • "Be the first to hit the dance floor."-Dove chocolate wrapper
    • don't be afraid to dance whenever and wherever
At the end we always encourage. I am honest and truthful. The funniest person Jenna has ever met. I am myself as a leader. I am loyal. I am a workhorse who has joyfully worked behind the scenes. Funny stories were shared and a few tears were shed. There was one instance of incredible thanksgiving. Some I knew, some felt good to be recognized for, and some were surprising and such sweet revelations. Thank you, I felt so loved and appreciated.

Reap some goods out of that. I will be back.


  1. 1. I love that your name is Swils.
    2. I cant wait to keep reading.
    3. Lets be best friends forever

  2. 1. I'm cooler than Margaret
    2. You better keep up with this and know that I will be adamant in reading
    3. Can't wait to to be besties forevs
    FOUR. Please visit all the time/whenever you want next year when you're depressed w/o me