Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25 days...

I was asked today if I am sad that I am graduating. I could not give a yes or no answer. It has all gone by in a blur and the past few weeks have especially. Spring break was so epic, but I have been bogged down by assignments and other adventures that I have almost forgotten about it... HOW COULD I!?

Anyway, I am currently bogged down by a large final project for my capstone class in IDLS and I have yet to start even though it is due in two weeks. It goes back to the idea that the past few weeks/months have been a blur and the due date has snuck up on me. The weather makes me think it is still February. Sarah, wake up! It is April and you graduate in 3ish weeks!

I need to continue praying that I will trust the Lord with these last few weeks. That I will accomplish all the 'lasts' He has for me. Maybe I have been which is why it has all gone by in such a blur? I do normally harbor on things in the past, maybe I have finally learned the art of living in the present, for taking only 'my daily bread' and that is why I have not craved SB2k11 to be back. Hmm...

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