Tuesday, September 27, 2011

why i love kindergarten

1. the children are to-die-for cute! My favorite ( I know I am not supposed to have favorites) is an ESL student who constantly says 'me love you' as well as compliments my CT on her footwear. I constantly find myself wondering what these 5-year-olds will look like in 10 years and who they will become.
2. the children are hilarious...
  • project #1 was to make an about me poster... one boy wrote that he wants to be a doctor, tree cutter, married person, preacher, gamer when he grows up, while the rest of the children wrote one occupation
  • a sassy little girl asked me why i was wearing a shirt under my sleeveless dress. i explained that i had to wear either a sweater or shirt and that the sweater was too hot. she replies, "you don't want nobody to see your stuff." she put she wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up.
  • the same day i wore the dress a girl asks, "miss wilson, why's your stomach so big?" i can only laugh...
  • the couples in my class, so far there is one in addition to a love triangle. the couple seems like they have a bright future.......... 
3. it is colorful and everything is new for the kids. it allows for a more welcoming classroom, since decorations and different colors are a must.
4. i sing all the time (my voice isnt the best, especially since i am getting a cold)! favorite song= days of the week to the tune of the addams family complete with snaps and clicks of the tongue. i sing throughout the day anyway when talking to myself.
5. my CT always has a special treat on Fridays... I will implement that in my classroom.

Monday, September 12, 2011

pleasantly surprised

i have loved being at home. this should not surprise me since all last semester and throughout the summer i prayed for my time at home and that it would be good, different, and a growing experience. i hope to one day live with the certainty that my God is faithful and under control. it is a growing process..... i have come a long way but i still have so much more to grow.

i love kindergarten. my students. my teacher. the school i am currently at. i went to a meeting for all student teachers in the school system today and i was excited, not freaked out, to apply for jobs/to have that option very soon. it was so affirming, since i have always been half in/half out in terms of teaching. i prayed this semester would confirm whether that is what i am supposed to do for the next phase of life or not. so far it is. lessons start next week!.... we will see how i feel then.