Monday, May 9, 2011


I love my housemates so much and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two years living with them. I should be a wreck right now as I am packing up my things to move out at the end of the week, but I am emotionless. I have no emotions. I had no emotions Saturday after I graduated nor during any point that I was hanging out with friends for the 'last' time. There is hope, I shed a little tear out of gratefulness for my mom and all she has done for me AND I had a huddle cryfest with Jenna and Barefoot, my teammates at Spotswood from the beginning. I know I will be desperately wanting this time back in September, so I am trying to take it in and enjoy it as much as possible, but why do I have no emotions?

Contentment v. Numbness... which is it? I know which one I need to be praying for.

Some friends and a best friend (KKB) departed for Israel today. Another best friend departed for Peru. None of which include yet another best friend who is my world travelling, adventurous influence. My friends are so worldly.

Back to packing.

-College Grad

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