Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornados of doom

What is up with the weather?!? Today I woke up super early to take a test which is required for my teaching license. The weather man on the radio says that today will be hot, so "hopefully your AC works." That is all. I took the test which lasted about 3 hours, went to lunch with my stepsister, and even laid out in the hot, yet sunny day. I then go home, get my mom, and drive to the mall where we are to meet my cousin to see Bridesmaids (sooooooo funny, yet typical chick flick); it is still sunny. As soon as we get to the mall (10-15 mins away), the sky is dark gray and there are huge gusts of wind. I parked the car in the closest parking spot I could find, "not near trees" my mom says. We run inside, with a little extra pep in our step thanks to the wind, which pushed us along. The likes flickered on and off as we walked around the mall. I found solace at a kiosk where a salesman straightened my unruly, dirty hair. He then presumed to sell my mother a top notch hair straightener (early birthday present). The storm finally subsided after an hour or so and, after wasting time in the mall for two hours, we were able to go to the movies- SURPRISE! It was sunny again!

Now the wind rages on........... it is back?

I thought I lived in hurricane alley, not tornado alley!?

Also, I am unlike my friend Isaac Hulvey, who just recently wrote about storm chasing and how he loves storms. I DO NOT!

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