Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look forward to...

hearing all about my adventures with kindergarteners August 29 to October 21 and 2nd graders October 24 to December 15. These are my student teaching placements! I will be at two different schools, both within ten minutes from my house in opposite directions. I also will be working with a more diverse population of students, which I am highly stoked about! PRAY that both of my teachers are superb educators. I am so glad I found out before Tennessee.

Speaking of which, I cannot wait. I am so bored and have relaxed quite enough, so I anxiously await Saturday afternoon when I will be on my way. Until then I will be distracted by packing, writing grad letters, and helping plan a bachelor/ette party and bridal luncheon for a most deserving bride, SKJ, soon to be SKR!

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