Sunday, November 13, 2011

PW Gopal and 2nd Grade

I arrived at church this morning a little late. I sat with some friends. First thing they say: that's PW Gopal. HAH! I almost didn't go to church this morning, because of anxiety of not having anyone to sit with, since my two regular attendees were both out of town. It was great. his voice is so powerful and it definitely got me pumped about the Lord.

I have yet to share stories about second grade. It is very different. The students know more, and some think they know more than me. STEP DOWN 2ND GRADER! There are definitely some I adore, but there are also some that are a challenge to love, because of their know-it-all attitudes. Is it bad that sometimes I am excited when they realize they are wrong. It is just a character flaw I do not appreciate in anyone... let alone someone 15 years younger than me. Any who... fun stories commence:

1. One boy asked his mother, the room mom, who passed the story on to me if I was married. She said she did not know, and he said, 'well if she is then she is married to Mr. Wilson, like on Dennis the Menace.' This was the theme of all of elementary school for me, so this was not new, but it's awesome he knows what that is! I did not know kids still watched that show/read the comic.
2. Two of the quietest, most well-behaved boys drew pictures of 'ships' aka machine guns. They swore they were ships when I told them they should not be drawing anything that does not belong in school. It was Friday, so I didn't pursue it. They will be future servicemen.
3. I read lots of scary stories about ghosts and witches and two-headed monsters.

I can't think of more. They aren't as funny. Perhaps that's why I am having a tough time. We shall see...

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