Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Book

This summer many of my friends had a devotional called the blue book. I was recently given one and it is wonderful. It's a daily devotional, including weekends (which alot of times I take off) with a weekly topic. It has a weekly verse, a daily verse, and excerpts from books about the topic. This week the topic is "who are you?" Here are two profound excerpts I read this morning that really spoke to where I currently am in life:

The Christians identity and value do not reside in the fragile order and tenuous control that she or he imposes on life. Identity and value are found in a vital and living relationship with Christ as Lord. This relationship liberates Christians from dependence upon their little systems of order and fragile structures of control. Not that believers live without order or control, but they are liberated from dependency on those systems and structures for their sense of self. -M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

We were not made to be alone. We were made not just for relationships, but to become people "in Christ," relating to God. As we abandon ourselves to God, moment by moment, our significance and identity will be in his hands; they become his responsibility, not mine. -James Houston

WOW! These both just spoke to me. I have always struggled with defining who I am. I debate between whether I'm an extrovert or an introvert, whether I like animals or not, if I'm a quiet person or loud.... I have always daily analyzed myself so that I could tell the next person I meet my character traits. Recently, since I have a job interview next wednesday (prayers appreciated), I have been overwhelmed by all these things I gave to do to prepare so that I can get the job... I need to stop, focus on who I am in Christ, and trust Him to place me where I am needed for his glory. All I need to do is keep my focus on Him and he will take care of the rest. Such a good reminder... God is good and he always knows what we need to hear.

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