Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blessed by the Lord's provision

This week has been busy. Busy with moneymaking! So thankful. If this could be life and I had benefits, I'd accept it for a while, but alas I must keep searching for a full time benefits plan.

A friend from church out of her own initiative asked me last Tuesday if I wanted her to put on Facebook that I was looking for babysitting jobs. I of course said that'd be great and ten people wanted my information!only one has contacted me, but another contact from elsewhere called me for three days over the next two weeks. Currently I'm working my moneymaker. I also got called to sub on Tuesday at the school where I taught my beloved 2nd graders. I just got off the phone with a teacher who needs me next week, a job passed to me from my good friend, Joshua Barefoot.

I have been feeling the Lord's provision so much recently. I described money above, but I feel so connected at my church. I love going there and I meet new people every week. I am working in the Sunday school and tomorrow I start a mentoring relationship with an older woman. So thrilled to see what God does through that. At small group, which i have with my friends libby and nicole, the other day we reflected on how refreshing it is to get involved at Grace. It is an open and loving environment and it is the first time I have felt this comfortable at a church. Ever.

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