Monday, October 17, 2011

moving on to second grade...

this is my last week in kindergarten and i am trying to forget about it until thursday, my last day. thursday will be a sad day, yet happy, because i will be returning to JMU to spend most of the weekend with the ECED girls. i observed in a second grade classroom today and they just wont be as cute. i need to remember that second grade was my favorite grade in elementary school. it will also be interesting to have more independent students. there is hope.... funny stories will continue on. today, as i was talking to three second grade girls during recess time, they asked me if a lady has a ring on her finger, does that mean she has children? i explained that ladies with rings on their left ring finger are married and they dont always have babies, but they should have a ring on their finger when they have a baby. i pointed out that i dont have one, so im not married. they told me i needed to find a husband. i said that i am trying to do so and they say 'what about the principal?' hah.

that is all for now.

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